Benefits of Curved Solutions in Environments

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While straight lines are easy, curves are making a comeback within environments.  Here is a look at how tension fabric lends itself to organic curvature…

Organic_Curved_Architecture_Tension_Fabric (1)


A straight line with a straight graphic is predictable.  From across the show floor, predictability doesn’t win.  Organic lines form a positive reaction, because we are instinctively drawn to curvy things.  Fabric’s ability to form offers opportunities to message and engage that will catch attendees off guard and trigger their sense of wonder.


Organic_Curved_Architecture_Tension_Fabric (2)

Stimulating Platform

Environments have become more experiential.  As technology has become a driving force, platforms for engagement need to step it up a notch, including projection surfaces.  While messaging is constantly changing, fabric surfaces afford a visually appealing surface to achieve maximum attention from the audience.


Organic_Curved_Architecture_Tension_Fabric (5)

Fluid Motion 

Organic lines offer visual fluidity that is known to promote feelings of happiness, calmness and relaxation.  This delicately balances between static motion and emotion, offering a dynamic connection to the audience.  This connection can be utilized to guide the audience throughout the environment to targeted products and conversations.


Organic_Curved_Architecture_Tension_Fabric (4)

Branded Impact

Bold brands speak their message loudly, and that includes in visual form.  Putting the brand in the forefront can be a literal interpretation.  For the context to be immediately recognizable, that can mean taking on a curved approach.   Leveraging the personality of textiles enhances the brand experience.


Organic_Curved_Architecture_Tension_Fabric (3)

Natural Definition

Organic curvatures create a feeling of comfort by imitating the human body and nature’s forms.  They are frequently accentuated with asymmetrical curves or elaborate character.  Fabric is one of the few media that can softly react to these ideals through the natural tendency to explore dynamic form.

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Allison Pocewicz

Allison Pocewicz

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