Cold Black??

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How many times have you slid into a car seat covered with black vinyl, into a hot blue tent, or under a dark green patio umbrella on a warm summer day only to feel the heat magnified because the material is absorbing so much extra heat? Typically dark fabrics absorb 90% of the heat from sun’s rays which is why they tend to feel so much warmer than their white and yellow counterparts.

This doesn’t have to be the case anymore thanks to a new technology called “coldblack”.  It is a finishing technique that can be added to flexible materials to reflect back significantly more sunlight…making for much cooler spaces.  Imagine your outdoor fabric furniture being cool to the touch even on a scorching summer day.  I would love to lay on a hammock made from a dark acrylic fabric without fearing the sizzle when you first touch the fabric.

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Poly Georgette

Valerie C.

Valerie “Poly Georgette” has a passion for textiles and construction. She enjoys developing solutions utilizing a number of different substrates to dress a space. She has ten years of experience creating custom solutions and tracking down a plethora of amazing textiles, consistently dreaming up new ways to use them.

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