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Dow Corning’s DEFLEXION™ is a “smart” textile that remains soft and flexible until it is struck by high-impact force, in which case the material instantly stiffens to help protect against injury. When the collision has passed, the material immediately becomes flexible again.

So cool, the obvious applications of this material is in sports textiles. What I find interesting is how new materials matter far more than they used to because as the boundaries between form, function, surface, and interface become more blurred. Today, new materials provide one of the strongest tools in driving innovative product design. Imagine this material utilized in textile tensile architectural roofing or automobile safety.

+ DEFLEXION™ by Dow Corning click here.

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  1. Friggin’ crazy.

    Wonder if they’ll try and incorporate it somehow to interact with kevlar? Fully flexible, ultrathin, ‘bulletproof stuff’? No idea if that would even be feasible, but it’d be damn cool.

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