Nike’s Tyvek Shoe – 1999

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Although I currently focus on the Architecture market, 12 years ago while working at DuPont Tyvek, I partnered with Nike’s Advanced Materials Group to develop an Andre Agassi Court Shoe made from Tyvek and a super lightweight EVA foam.  These are by far the lightest shoes I have ever held or put on.  I think the laces are heavier than the entire shoe.  Unfortunately the shoe never quite made it to market but I was lucky enough to get a pair in my size.

I’ve posted these shoes because I think in some way, they are similar to Fabric Architecture, providing a lightweight solution with the use of unique, high-performance materials and a movement and freedom not found with traditional materials.

Maybe Nike will give them another shot someday.

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  1. I appreciate the super light weight of the shoes, and hope the design becomes more sophisticated. I am not a big sneaker lover but buy them once a while if the designs are nice. And aftrer I started using the shoes, I realized that how much sneakers are nice to my feet. Blanced products with the design and function create the future of materials and designs?

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