Hexagons Add Theatrics to Stage

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Hexagonal Facade at the Fest (1)

A hexagon symbolizes communication, interfacing, balance and union.  During the Festivales de Acapulco, this symbol was prominent as it united the crowd for celebration.  Designed by Televisa Chapultepec and manufactured by Fabric Images Internacional, the multi-faceted south garden stage façade remained in place for the duration of the nine day event.  With the incorporation of 60 tension fabric hexagons, the façade was designed to decorate the stage while hiding the speakers and mechanicals.  On top of that, the shapes provided a surface for theatrical lighting and projection.  During the day, the mesh fabric filtered the bright sunlight, while at night it turned into an electrifying abundance of color and excitement, playing with light and shadow.

Allison Pocewicz

Allison Pocewicz

Allison has had a lifelong interest in multiple facets of design. Growing up between a sewing machine and a sketch pad, she went on to fine-tune her skills through studies in fine arts and fashion design. Upon entering the design/build industry, she continuously researches trends in various markets, including retail, hospitality, exhibitory/events, interiors and architecture in order to provide valuable educational and inspirational resources to clients.

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