Fluid Dynamics Meet Fluid Form

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Slipstream by FreelandBuck (1)

FreelandBuck’s installation, Slipstream, offered a bright presence at New York’s Bridge Gallery. Measuring 9′-10″x 20′-10″x8′-3″ tall, the installation is made from over one thousand CNC cut plywood pieces that notch together is a carton-like application. The result is an undulating, dynamically patterned and brightly colored wall.

The Slipstream design was inspired by Lebbeus Woods sketches studying fluid dynamics. A pattern with two distinct flow directions was developed using Grasshopper in Rhino and then extruded in order to create an egg crate structure.

Slipstream by FreelandBuck (3)

This artistic concept can be easily integrated into a host of environments, such as retail or office spaces. The complex form lends itself to creating identity and brand presence. Although the Slipstream installation showcases the use of plywood, a heavy option at roughly 250 pounds, alternative material options are available. Solutions including felt board can offer the same precise form, with a wide assortment of colors and greatly reduced weight.

Slipstream by FreelandBuck (2)

Allison Pocewicz

Allison Pocewicz

Allison has had a lifelong interest in multiple facets of design. Growing up between a sewing machine and a sketch pad, she went on to fine-tune her skills through studies in fine arts and fashion design. Upon entering the design/build industry, she continuously researches trends in various markets, including retail, hospitality, exhibitory/events, interiors and architecture in order to provide valuable educational and inspirational resources to clients.

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