Putting Grip Fabrics to Work

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Grip GlovesIf you have done any heavy lifting, house repairs, or construction work, chances are you own a pair (or two) of work gloves. These heavy duty gloves incorporate an array of materials to bring the performance and functionality together.  What do these materials convey to you…grit, strength, tough, durable?  So, why should these materials be confined to small pieces on your gloves?  Why not use them on the display showcasing the gloves or covering the walls in a store?  Not only do these materials have great wear and flexibility, they look and feel really cool!

Grip Fabrics



Poly Georgette

Valerie C.

Valerie “Poly Georgette” has a passion for textiles and construction. She enjoys developing solutions utilizing a number of different substrates to dress a space. She has ten years of experience creating custom solutions and tracking down a plethora of amazing textiles, consistently dreaming up new ways to use them.

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