Jeweler Breaths New Life into Store Windows

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Wilmette Jewelers

Located in downtown Wilmette, IL, Wilmette Jewelers approached Fabric Images, Inc. for the dressing of their store windows.  With recent growth in the area, the jeweler wanted to transform and amplify their brand presence in order to take advantage of the increase in traffic.

After reviewing the brand personality and objectives of the space, Fabric Images was able to design a solution that would meet the desires of the brand. The transformation would offer the jeweler what they needed most- flexibility, transparency and an enhancement to their brand personality. Bringing this to life utilized the Groove frame system and a layering of textiles.

The Groove frame system allowed for a clean application of the support frames into the store windows.  The frames simply slid and locked into place within the pre-existing window frames.  With a small channel, the frames allow for graphics to be cleanly and easily inserted.

Within the channel is a layering of textiles.  The characteristics showcasing the brand are that of sparkle, class and elegance.  So, of course the fabrics utilized would imitate just that.  Keeping in mind the transparency requirements (to allow viewing from the inside out and vice versa), two fabrics were utilized.  These included Metallic Stretch Mesh (for sparkle) and Linen (for elegance).  The Linen also acted as a surface for the dye-sub printed graphics. When layered over the mesh, a sparkling array was transmitted.

Wilmette Jewelers

The last detail… adding opaque silhouettes over the graphics.   For these areas, black Celtic was utilized.  Once the imagery was precision cut, it was lined up and applied over the Linen.  This clean finishing added an extra level of depth and interest to the windows.

The transformation of their store windows has had great results for Wilmette Jewelers, creating the buzz they so desired.  By having a cohesive design across the entire store front, it is apparent from outside just how large the store is.  For the initial install, the windows told a whimsical story of engagement that is both fun and inspiring.  But, with the ease to change out the fabrics, that message will change with the seasons.

Fabric Images

Fabric Images, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of printed and non-printed tension fabric architecture and material solutions. Our focus is on integrating structural frame and textiles into environments to enrich brand quality and the expressive identity of a space.

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