Fabric Architecture Elevates the Game Day Experience

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Located on the upper concourse at the east end of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, fifteen aluminum and fabric arches span 150 ft to create the Dr Pepper StarBar. This immersive display is a prime example of an increasing trend in experiential design to incorporate printed tensioned fabric architecture.

Fabric Images, Inc.® partnered with GES to complete the fabrication and installation for the debut of the StarBar. As stated by Shaun Nichols, Creative Director for Dr Pepper Snapple Group, “The Dr Pepper StarBar was created to extend the artistic vision of the new Cowboys Stadium, and we can’t wait for fans to enjoy all it has to offer.”

Designed by HKS Brandspace and HillebrandCorey the solution creates a unique opportunity for fans of the Dallas Cowboys to enjoy the game by incorporating the latest technology fused with high-class details. The interior of the architecture houses lighting, which creates a light show each time the Cowboys score, while the exterior supports monitors that show live footage of the game.

Fabric Images, Inc. was selected to manufacture the architecture due to their proven history of successfully engineering and fabricating a wide range of large-scale printed tensioned fabric architecture and their innate attention to detail.

Complexities of the StarBar included:

  • Standing nearly 27ft in height and spanning a total of 150ft across without any rigging to the ceiling, while also sitting beneath a large, retractable roof.
  • Supporting a 1,000 lb glass chandelier from the illuminated Dr Pepper cylinder, which sits at the top of the main arch which spans 79ft across, unsupported.
  • Internal lighting throughout the arches requiring structural support for fixtures and wire management.
  • Attachment points for high-definition plasma monitors.
  • Mixture of white and digitally printed fabric personalities.

The StarBar cements the trend in architectural design and construction materials, that includes printed tensioned fabric structures as part of an overall solution. The successful execution of the StarBar highlights how expert partnerships can bring life to the client’s vision on time and in budget.

Dr Pepper StarBar fabric architecture
Dr Pepper StarBar fabric architecture
Dr Pepper StarBar fabric architecture
Dr Pepper StarBar fabric architecture printed graphics

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