The Impact of Art in Hotel Environments

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It is said the definition of Art is, “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

With that, why not have art that can change with your emotions whenever you want, in any environment at any given time? That is exactly what is happening in hotel environments, as we speak.  When visiting a hotel nowadays it’s all about an experience; long gone are the days of simply checking in and checking out. Guests now want to relate; how does it make you feel, how do you tell it to others, what stands out, how do you remember it, how were you engaged? It all comes down to one simple three letter word, ART.

What we’re finding is that art is changing all the time in different hotel environments. You may now find yourself walking to the ballroom at a hotel for an event, but feel as though you’re in an art gallery. How unexpected, yet delightfully surprising at the same time.

Here is an example as seen in a hotel located in Calgary; coincidentally called, “Hotel Arts”.

"Hotel Arts" in Calgary
“Hotel Arts” in Calgary

Hotel Arts wasn’t afraid to use their space to engage visually with their audience. This hallway looks like a gallery.  By using the ceiling space, the walls and even the furniture, they were able to create a memorable experience for travelers and visitors.

What about changeability? How easy can that be? The answer- very easy.

Hotel_Art_Impact (2)

Take for instance SEG’s, also known as Silicon Edge Graphics. When incorporating SEG’s into an environment, you instantly give yourself the opportunity to have an ever changing environment. SEG’s are extremely easy to install.  Simply pull out the fabric and replace it with a new graphic whenever you are ready to provide a different stimulating experience for your environment. With the ability to print up to 15 ft. wide seamless images, you can be sure to make an immediate impact on your guests as they explore and wander through the space.

Take a look at our office, and imagine the impact these large scale graphics would have on your environment upon entering through the doors.

Hotel_Art_Impact (3)

Hotel_Art_Impact (1)

We love that we’re finding more and more hotels that let the art do the talking for them. Don’t be afraid to mix up styles, and change with your ever evolving guest.   After all, you want them to have a good story to tell for years to come.

Lauren Cuchna

Lauren Cuchna

Lauren brings ten years of dedicated customer service to her clients. While assisting several different markets, she is constantly on the lookout for what’s trending, and also quick to share new solutions for those in her network. With a collaborative mindset Lauren likes to meet with her clients in the early design stages so that she can fully understand their design intent. With this approach she’ll be sure to help produce a quality product.


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