Pineapple House Creates a Playful Environment

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Making its debut at Comic-Con in San Diego, this large pineapple “house” offered a playful environment that brought attendees, both kids and adults, to a familiar place under the sea. With a footprint of 19ft x17.25ft and standing 22ft in height, the pineapple was a focal point within the exhibit.  Its vivid fabric graphics captured attention from throughout the show floor.

This solution was designed by Glow Studio to be a replica of the home of a popular television character. Its highly renowned nature meant that every detail had to be spot-on, from the shape the framework offered to the color and alignment of the fabric graphic covers.  It would offer attendees a place to engage, whether stopping for photo opps or experiencing the interactive AV housed inside of the house.  Fabric Images, Inc. took on the challenge to manufacture the one-of-a-kind display.

The house has more than a dome-like shape; it is geodesic in nature (like a pineapple). To keep this personality in-tact, Fabric Images, Inc. engineered the frame structure and fabric cover templates to hold true to this look.  The fabric on the main structure was created in 22 tiles.  The graphics were distorted in pre-flight to allow for the three-dimensional wraparound once applied to the frame.  The tiles were then aligned over strategic areas on the frame to ensure the wrapping of certain areas within the artwork over the cross-bars of the frame.


Atop the structure were ten leaves. Each leaf is mounted to the top of the pineapple structure.   Also part of the design is the arched entryway, which is printed to offer the look of metal.


Fabric Images

Fabric Images, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of printed and non-printed tension fabric architecture and material solutions. Our focus is on integrating structural frame and textiles into environments to enrich brand quality and the expressive identity of a space.

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