Integrating Fashion with Technology

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Obscure fashion has often defined the Grammys. But with new rules, creativity has required a shift in form. This dress, designed by Don O’Neill, conveyed originality in the form of imagery. But, not just the typical static imagery. Instead it was imagery in motion. The fashion itself was a silver gray duchess satin. Beautiful in form, it created a smooth silhouette that enabled images from two digital projectors to interact.

As a fabric not typically seen as a projection surface, the satin shows how unexpected materials can be compatible with technology and lead to successful results. The sheen and color play perfectly with the projected images, allowing for constant morphing and 3D quality. This is a unique and thrilling solution that makes it hard to look away.   Fusing technology with fashion continues to push the limits in textile usage, AV and design.

Allison Pocewicz

Allison Pocewicz

Allison has had a lifelong interest in multiple facets of design. Growing up between a sewing machine and a sketch pad, she went on to fine-tune her skills through studies in fine arts and fashion design. Upon entering the design/build industry, she continuously researches trends in various markets, including retail, hospitality, exhibitory/events, interiors and architecture in order to provide valuable educational and inspirational resources to clients.

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