Experiential Holiday Installation

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Glowing Trees by Spatial Practice

For the holiday season in Hong Kong, Architectural firm, Spatial Practice, completed a site-specific installation titled “Glowing Trees” within an oval atrium in the city.  The sculptural forms not only dressed the environment for the holiday season, but they created a journey for those who visited.  Emotions were induced, which included anticipation, discovery and sharing.

2,174 strips of fabric composed each form, which were hand sewn, pleated and assembled over the structure.  Inside, mirrored balls provided a unique internalized experience, while below custom-patterned, hand-woven carpets provided a colorful base.


The installation was choreographed in an up-and-down kinetic motion, which united the experience among the site’s multiple floors.  The sculptural motion forced attendees to slow down and appreciate what was happening around them.  Along with this visual stimulation, attendees were encouraged to engage with the environment, by wandering between, lying underneath and gathering around.  The largest of the trees, 3 meters in height, included a camera which captured selfie moments that the attendees could download, print and share.

“We used the same methodologies, for Glowing Trees, as with any of our other urban public projects,” said Erik Amir, “The project encourages human interaction, by going beyond the typical approach of shopping mall installation, in order to create spatial moments where visitors can truly engage.”


Allison Pocewicz

Allison Pocewicz

Allison has had a lifelong interest in multiple facets of design. Growing up between a sewing machine and a sketch pad, she went on to fine-tune her skills through studies in fine arts and fashion design. Upon entering the design/build industry, she continuously researches trends in various markets, including retail, hospitality, exhibitory/events, interiors and architecture in order to provide valuable educational and inspirational resources to clients.

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